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While Canada is home to some of the nicest people, it is also home to a large group of baby boomers who inherited a significant bit of wealth through business creation. Along with this business creation, it walks hand in hand with a heavy focus on philanthropy. With the indigenous people of Canada getting involved in politics and the philanthropic side of things, Canada’s community of charitable leaders released the “Declaration of Action,” Which was the commitment to support the reconciliation of Canada’s indigenous people. This commitment is dedicated to promoting more activities surrounding the discussion of cultural competency, the need for inclusion, and new forms of funding that will help these communities. They hope that this will work to influence other companies. 


Roles To Take 


The hope is that these foundations will start to move beyond isolated grantmaking roles to roles that will involve them as partners with those in the corporate and government sectors. The Canadian government announced that in 2018 there would be significant investments in the social finance fund that would involve more companies becoming social impact investors. They also hope to remove the limitations imposed by advocacy charities that will help to encourage other foundations to become more involved and engaged in public policy development. 


Endless Organizations 


There are over 170,000 charitable organizations in Canada, with around 85,000 of these charities being registered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Charitable organizations employ almost two million people and over 13 million volunteers for these nonprofits. 


What Makes A Charity?


The CRA is who grants and regulates organizations to operate exclusively as charities. These charities are significant contributions to Canada’s economic system. They contribute, on average, around 8% of the Canadian GDP. Often it is assumed that government sources fund charities. However, this is now always the case. Often organizations receive little to no government funding at all.


Places to Find Reputable Charities 


With so many charities out there, it can often be hard to figure out which ones are worth donating to. One of the best ways to find a reputable charity is the online source Charity Village. This website bank holds links to hundreds of different charities throughout Canada organized by their various categories.