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As we approach the holiday season, many will want to lend a helping hand by donating or volunteering in philanthropy organizations. When we help others, we can shape other’s lives in ways that can help them. This can give you a sense of self-dignity that provides us with happiness. Compassionate acts will make us feel like we are living a purposeful life. 

Canada Helps 

The non-profit organization Canada Helps is one of the top giving organizations in Canada. This organization is dedicated to helping give across Canada. This increases giving by making it more accessible to provide donations and online fundraisers. This charity’s fees are only a fraction of the for-profit alternatives out there. You can rest assured that your donation will go far when giving to Canada Helps. They are a firm believer that every charity deserves the necessary technologies and education in different charities. 

Transparent Hands

To Transparent Hands, it is felt that they must give back. Even a small donation amount can create lasting impacts on people’s lives. Their organization contributes money worldwide to surgeries that people may not be able to afford without them. They believe that no one should have to go without proper healthcare, no matter the price. With crowdfunding by generous donors, those under the Transparent Hands umbrella are given impactful medical relief. However, while many are given aid, there are still thousands out there that cannot cover the cost of expensive life-saving surgeries.  


Like the US version of GoFundMe, this group is a crowdfunding based website that allows you to raise money for personal causes, events, projects, and so much more. Forbes Magazine has even recognized this group as one of the top crowdfunding philanthropy websites. Their campaigns have been featured in numerous press publications. GoGetFunding wanted to make sure that they were dedicated to making the lives of both campaign owners, donors, and visitors as simple as possible. This could range from helping you raise money for volunteer trips, launching new businesses, and even impactful personal plans. 

Habitat Restore 

Habitat Restore helps to bring communities together to build strength and stability through affordable homeownership. Each home that is built by this group generates $175,000 worth of benefits. However, this group can provide so much more than equity; it helps to restore the pride of responsibility that was once lost to a family and helps provide an immediate resource with lasting effects. Proven research has shown that people are happier, healthier, and move financially stable when it comes to owning a property. This stability can help lead to the owner going back to school or learning a new trade opportunity to help boost their job skills. It provides confidence to the owner and their children and makes them more confident and able to perform better in school.